My Kids

I have three little angels. This is very special considering there was a time when I worried I wouldn’t have any.

Little Man:

My oldest and my only son, and definitely my best buddy.

10256511_10102410683687600_6166538309097900497_nHe loves Minecraft, eating the same three things all the time, and his Mommy. In fact, I would be totally cool if he grew up to live in my basement and we could watch Doctor Who on Saturday nights together.

The Princess: Serenity

photo 2

Yes I named my daughter after the ship from Firefly. And ironically, she is the least serene person I know. But she is spirited and wonderful and is not going to take anything from anyone.

The Baby- Lil’ A

This one was a very special surprise. I was finished having children, but God had another plan. My sweet Lil Asskicker (her nickname in utero) is the happiest child I’ve ever known, and I can’t imagine life without her.

photo 1Together they wear me out, and I complain a lot about being tired and overwhelmed, but they are the most wonderful gifts I’ve ever been given and I’m smitten with all three.




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