What a crazy, random happenstance!

I just wanted a chance to say “crazy” and “random” together, because that’s kind of how my life is right now. Oh, that reminds me…

captainhammerMy “do whatever I want” workout is going well. I am running again, surprisingly, and I kind of like it. I’m working back up to 5K right now…

10474218_10102747539231390_2506215616566056613_nThis was today, Week 2, Day 2.



Considering the last time I bought running shoes I did not yet know I was pregnant with this girl, who is about to turn 4…. I should probably buy some new running shoes soon. What are your favorites? I honestly have no idea what I want. Besides something cute. And maybe flourescent.

Oh, and something else crazy happened. I kinda sorta GOT AN A IN STATS!

tumblr_inline_mqp6ygsmMl1qz4rgpI couldn’t believe it. In fact, when my instructor sent me my grade through email, I replied, “Seriously?” with the same face as Doctor 10 up there…

Seriously, though, I have been in college for most of the time between 1992 and now, and I have NEVER worked as hard for a class as I did for this one. Thank you Baby Jesus for helping me pull this one off. I just have to deal with Stats 2 and Qualitative research in the Fall. Without dying.


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