Something incredible happened…

So, we had our first stats exam on Thursday night. I went in to see my professor on Thursday morning and felt strangely calm, like I kind of knew what I was doing. I was still nervous though.

I took the exam, and finished first. This happens to me with every exam. I don’t know why, I’m just always the first to finish. I took my time and checked and rechecked my answers, but I still finished first. I was tempted to feel good about the test but I didn’t want to be over confident.

Our professor had told us he would try to get us our grades Friday but if not it would be Monday. I waited for them on Friday until getting the email that he would send them on Monday. So I was in for a long weekend.

I did some homework and went to study group, which was challenging since I brought all three children


I made a collage of them during their best moments…

This morning, our professor sent this email:

Dr K exam email

I was caring for a sick baby and so I dictated a response to Siri and sent it. Later I noticed that instead of “Dr. K.” I had addressed him as “Dr. Kay.”

I waited for a while and hit refresh on my email ever 6 seconds for what seemed like forever.

Then I got this:

Dr K 2

So, while I may have looked stupid getting his name wrong, I did get some pretty good news.


Maybe I will pass after all 🙂


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