Worrying about our kids

I’m wondering if I am normal, or if there is in fact something wrong with me. I am filled with anxiety about my kids. Worrying about them. All the time.

I think with what is happening today (another school shooting just today, for example), a little worry is normal. But I worry all the time.

A few examples of things I worry about:

– Other kids being mean to them.

– Bullying.

– My daughters being bullied by mean girls.

– My daughters being attacked.

– Kidnapping, torture, murder…

– Home invasion

My mind is filled with stories from the news over the years- some from even before I had kids- of some of the horrible things people do. And I’m in a constant state of fear.

The other day my son told me he didn’t want to go to church camp because last year he couldn’t make any friends. That broke my heart. How dare people not be friends with my boy! He’s amazing! My 3 year old and her “best friend” at daycare had a fight on Friday and the little girl told my daughter “You’re not my best friend anymore”, and she sobbed all the way home.

When my kids are scared, and I tell them everything is fine and they’re safe, I feel like I’m lying. I mean, 6 year olds were murdered at their own school. How can I promise them they will be safe when these things happen?

So these worries, they range from hurt feelings, which is minor I suppose, to devastating violence.

How do I deal with this? How can I help my children know their value when other kids try to take it away? And how do I protect them from evil?

I don’t know, and it makes me crazy.

Moms out there- do you have these problems? Am I normal? Is this too much? How do you balance the worry with peace and calm?

I wish I knew…


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