On fitness and stuff…

In my old blog, I talked a LOT about fitness. There were even times one might have referred to it as a “running blog”. But with this blog, I’m trying to stay away from all that- most of the time. But  the more I look at dissertation topics and get feedback (thanks Donna!), the more I realize these are all related. You can’t separate aspects of life. Now, I’m not going to talk about running in my dissertation (although I suppose I should never say never…)

I started working out to help me quit smoking many many MANY years ago. I’ve tried everything, I’ve done everything. I used to teach, and technically I am still a certified personal trainer. My fitness ideas and attitudes have definitely evolved over the last —- years (however long it’s been). I used to be a cardio bunny, I loved the thrill of races and worked on running “better” for years, I taught group exercise, but my absolute best, most fit incarnation came through serious weightlifting.

Running and I have a complicated relationship. I know it’s not going to get me the body I want (too much cardio is bad for fat loss, contrary to popular belief), and I often really hate it. But my current plan calls for 25 minutes of intervals a few times a week, and for these interval sessions I have been using a program that (eventually) eases you up to running a 5K, then a 10K. Now, I don’t really want to run a 10K, it’s just that it was a paid app and I figured I would get the 10K version (which includes the same 5K program) rather than buying 2 if I eventually decide to do a 10K. Always being frugal, you know…

Surprisingly (to me, at least), I have really been enjoying myself. I’m trying to get out and run actually OUTSIDE at least once a week. But, even running on the indoor track is having a great effect on me. I’ve dealt with a lot of depression lately, this year has just been full of crappy things (including the death of a loved one) and there are days I would rather punch myself in the face than workout. The depression is leading to binging as well, which doesn’t help. I looked up and my baby is 13 months old but I’m still 15-20 pounds over pre-pregnancy weight. I have been in a rut for a long time.

But I’m finding that running is helping with my mood. I feel good when I do it. I have a little runner’s high going on. Now, I’m not doing anything hardcore- the longest running segments are 1 minute long- but I’m finding myself really wanting to push and hit that goal of running 30 minutes again. I remember feeling so good when I accomplished that. And while my “goal” for a long time was to get my body back, maybe I need a different goal for a little while.

I still love weights, but as much as I would love to spend 2 hours working out every day, I just can’t. My time is extremely limited. So I am finding that I need to keep my workouts down to 1 hour or less, 6 times a week (in general). So my lifting is limited. I’m not able to complete all the workouts on my current plan. Between work, children, a baby that still sleeps with me and screams her head off if I try to get up without her in the morning, and 3 demanding kids taking up my time at night, and doctoral classes…. Well, I’m tired of feeling like I’m failing at fitness.

So here’s me changing my goals for a little while. I’m taking stats I in July and I’m scared to death. My goal is to workout- like I said above- 6 days a week. 3 runs and 3 weight sessions. Keeping it simple. Avoid binging. For now that’s what I’m going for. Oh, and pass stats.


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