I need a dissertation topic!

I’ve just completed 9 hours in my 69 hour program, so you may think it’s a little early to be thinking about my dissertation. No. No it isn’t.

I am ready to start working on it. I want to direct my research towards the topic I will become an expert on.

One of the things I like about the program I’m in is that they encourage us to do that. For example, the class I’m taking this summer is basically a writing workshop. Some of the other students are planning on producing their literature review by the end of the class. Well, I need to narrow down my topic to work on a literature review.

So here’s what I’m thinking. I could go the library way. Initially, I entered the program thinking I would do great things for information literacy assessment. Not just that, but I would implement a program in my library, so we would benefit as well. Win-win. Except I keep thinking, “So what?” What hasn’t been done? What would I do that is innovative? I did some work on threshold concepts when I first learned of them (when the new ACRL Framework was released), so that’s an option. But again, I have to ask: “What about them?”

On a totally different subject, I am thinking about something more personal. I’ve talked about it before, but I’m trying to think about how I could turn it into a research study. Women in higher education. The problems they face balancing work and family. They waited to have kids so they could get their degrees and now they have young children and high pressure jobs. How could this be a research study, though? Is there a way?

So these are my thoughts. Any ideas? I’ll thank you in the dissertation if you help me 🙂 (I’m only halfway kidding).



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