Work/Life Balance: Life won this week.

I barely did any librarian-ing at all this week. Thankfully, it was the end of the semester so things were pretty slow at work.

Since my stepmother passed in January, I have been worried about my dad. He is having a hard time. His health is not that great. So I made the decision last week that I would drive the 7+ hour drive to Dallas to spend a few days with him and help him out. So I spent Sunday driving, Monday and Tuesday with my dad, and Wednesday driving. I also had my 1 year old with me, so it was particularly exhausting. I was stuck in the middle caring for a parent and a child.

I went back to work on Thursday and sat at my desk and looked around and thought, “Ok. What was I doing?” I had no idea…

It didn’t really matter since, at about 11:30, daycare called to tell me to pick up the baby because she had a fever.

So I spent the rest of the day with the baby on Thursday.

Friday, I had to share parenting of the baby with her dad. He has to be at work at 3:00, so I’m leaving work at 2:00 to parent some more. In the scheme of things I’ve been “mom” much more than I’ve been “librarian” this week. I may be making some time up this weekend. I know I’ll be processing at graduation on Saturday.

When people ask me how I do it all, I usually tell them “I don’t”. Something always falls through the cracks. This week, it was work. Maybe another week it will be parenting. Thankfully, school is over or else that might have fallen too…


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