My 6 year old on Librarianship

Last Friday, after a particularly long day in Academic Librarianship, which included a Faculty Senate meeting so long that I had to leave before it was done to pick up my kids in time, my son was in a really bad mood. When I picked him up, he was mad because I was later than usual, he was mad because I didn’t bring him a snack, he was just grumpy. After dealing with this for a few minutes, I started to get frustrated, and thought maybe I should try to explain to him what I actually do all day.

“Sweety, do you know what Mommy does at work?”

“Yes. You work a little, then have a snack, then work, then have lunch, then work, then pick me up.”

“Yes, but when I ‘work’, what am I doing?”

“You’re reading.”

“Is that what you think I do all day?”

“Yes, you read for a little while, then have a snack, then read, then have lunch, then read, then pick me up.”

“But sweety, I do a lot more than reading. I teach, and I help people do research, and I go to meetings. I do a lot of different things.” 

“WELL THEN YOU’RE NOT A LIBRARIAN! Librarians read all the time!”

Ok then.

I didn’t try to argue anymore about it.

How many of you librarians have kids that don’t really understand what you do?


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