What did we learn this week?

It’s Friday. Let’s review all the things we learned this week:

1. We learned that balance is a fluid concept.

2. We learned/accepted that I will not be going to Comic Con in Dallas and meeting Nathan Fillion. Honestly, it was really hard to accept this. It’s a life long dream of mine to have my picture made with Nathan Fillion. This is so sad. What makes it worse is that the entire cast of Firefly will be there. And I’m still not going. My heart is breaking.


Source. Maybe I can photoshop myself into the picture.

3. On a related note, we learned that you can’t always get what you want. And I’m going to keep that vague. But I know you sang this song:

4. We learned that threshold concepts can be a lot like The Matrix. Also, I made just a little progress on my paper.

I wish I had a really deep, really insightful number 5, but I don’t. It was a rough week, but I managed to 1. Keep the kids alive; 2. Not get fired; 3. Not fail out of school (yet).


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