WTF, Y’all?

I have a series of WTFs to share with you today.

The start time is not the actual start time.

One of my doctoral classes meets on Saturday mornings at 9:00 am. 9:00 am is the official start time. Now, I’m sure you can imagine with three children it may be a little hard to get out the door and to class on time. I am usually slinking in at 8:59.

Well on Saturday I got there at 8:59 and class was completely underway. Apparently my instructor looked around the room at 8:55 and was disappointed there weren’t more people attending, so he decided to go ahead and start. WTF? So I guess the new plan is “If you’re not early you’re late.”

Daycare closes because it’s windy. Or there’s no power.

I’m not really sure why daycare closed, but it did.

Monday was a busy day for me. It was also extremely windy, and the power was going out all over town. I had somewhere around 1 million meetings (but I still found time to go to the gym). Fifteen minutes before a string of two REALLY IMPORTANT CONFERENCE CALLS back to back, I get a call from the girls’ daycare. “The electricity has been out for an hour, please come pick up the baby.” So, there were a couple things that were weird about this. First of all, they are sending kids home because the power’s out? Is that really a thing? Secondly, I have TWO children there, but apparently, they just wanted me to pick up one.

So I told my boss, “Hey, there’s an emergency, I’m supposed to go pick up the baby.” And he said, “Ok, go ahead.” But, I had a problem. This weekend I used my husband’s car so that he could have my car, because my car is the only car all 3 kids fit in. So my garage parking pass was in his car. He was going to get it to me after he taught class. But, here I was needing to go pick up the kids- or “kid” I guess- but I literally could not leave the parking garage. So I called him and told him I needed to leave to pick up the kids. Well, he just said, “Ok, I’ll cancel class.” Well I tell my boss I’m going to stay afterall, but I have to trade cars and parking passes etc…. so he said they would wait for me. So people in two different states are waiting for me, I’m waiting for my husband, and I lose my phone, which has my keycard to the building in it. I eventually found it- IN MY POCKET (I swear it wasn’t there)- and went to the (very late) conference calls. So that was a big win at the whole “Career mom” balance thing….


Actually it was a fail. (Source)

So, maybe it’s time for me to get some new shoes:


They’re just so comfy…

Actually, I have a friend who knows 100% more about fashion than I do who is helping me understand what basics I need to have a nice mix-and-match professional wardrobe. With shoes that have the soles attached. Check out her website, she’s awesome.


Due to circumstances beyond my control, I will not be able to file my taxes tomorrow… when they’re due. It’s okay, I owe the IRS so much already what’s a little more. WTF ever.


Do you have any WTFs to share with me? Because I like to know I’m not the only one who seems to be surrounded by them…


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