Remember that time I finally learned how to fold a fitted sheet?

I set the lofty goal this weekend of actually learning to fold a fitted sheet. I’ve tried before and given up, but this time I was determined. I looked up some directions online and that gave me some ideas.

Here’s the start:



So, the first step is to fold it in half. But, the really important part that helped me this time was tucking the corners of the bottom into the corners at the top. That probably doesn’t make any sense, so here’s a picture:


 The goal was to make it as much of a square as possible.



Next, I folded it inwards:


Then I just folded it as normal from then on. Here is the finished product:Image


I realize it isn’t perfect, and it’s probably not going to impress those Martha Stewart type people, but it works for me. Here is the entire set ready to be put away neatly:



Also, a cute baby in the background. A special thanks to her for not unfolding this at all during the process.

So, there you have it. I took a step toward having a little more order in my life today. My son approves:



2 thoughts on “Remember that time I finally learned how to fold a fitted sheet?

  1. Anotehr tip I picked upa while back that has made my linen closet much neater is to tuck the whole set into one of the pillowcases…then you just grab a bag and go when it comes time to change the beds. That is – when I have time to fold them and put them away instead of just pulling them all wrinkly from the laundry hamper from a week before….ha!

    • uberlibrarian says:

      Ooh I do that too!But now I actually fold the fitted sheet instead of crumpling it up and sticking it in a pillowcase!

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