A day in the life…

So, as part of my new start I am trying to self identify a little bit and decide what I want the focus of my blog to be. I want a place to talk about my children, to let out the frustrations and tell the funny stories.


Like, “Why is her mouth blue?”

However, I also want a place where I can brainstorm academic ideas. I’m early in my program, but the sooner I decide on my dissertation topic the sooner I can move towards planning for it.


For example.. I have to read this for a class.

And then there’s that whole “I work out” thing….


How about that forehead vein? Impressive, isn’t it?

So I guess what I’m saying is I’ll probably just write about what I want at the time? How is that going to work?

I don’t know…But look how cute this baby is:



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